Why Shopify is One of The Best International Ecommerce Platforms and How to Sell Internationally on Shopify

There are a few things that make Shopify one of the best international ecommerce platforms! Read and discover what makes Shopify a powerful contender for international selling!

 So, you’ve decided to expand your store and go global. That’s great news. The next step is choosing an international ecommerce platform.

Shopify is an excellent choice and one of the best international ecommerce platforms. It is a scalable and flexible solution with 99.9% uptime. These are some of the things that Magento can’t compete with.

When you introduce new things such as multi-store, that require a change in the way business operates, you need a more localized control, from a management and SEO perspective. That is what multistore is perfect for.

Even though it may sound like a lot of work, the expenses are a lot lower. Also, you won’t need a team of developers or IT experts to keep your online store functional.

Shopify provides the ability to present prices in different currencies by using real-time exchange rate data.

Although we usually recommend the Shopify Plus plan for a multi-store setup, it is also possible to have multiple online stores using the Shopify Advanced plan. The only difference is that there are extra benefits that come with the Shopify Plus plan, such as up to 9 store instances, a customer success manager, and much more. If you decide to set up a multi-store up in the Shopify Advanced package, you would need to hire an agency to help you get up and run your store properly.

In order for you to start selling internationally on Shopify, you need customers that will be interested in your product that they are still paying for it, regardless of the price. The first step is implementing a multiple currency drops down that allows customers to browse items in their native currency. The next step is creating multiple storefronts (one storefront for each currency). The brands need to know which markets to expand in as you need to open a business bank account in the country you plan to expand in and a Shopify store instance linked to that business bank account.

If you are also convinced that Shopify is the best international ecommerce platform, try it for free and get a 14-day trial of Shopify to decide which plan is best suited for you.

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